Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions Testimonials

Testimonials from our guests after their great white shark tour onboard the MV Rodney Fox.

Robert Irwin – Australia Zoo 

“Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions offer a one-on-one wildlife experience unlike any other. My family and I had the privilege of spending the week on board ‘The Rodney Fox’ and it was absolutely unforgettable. It took my breath away to share water with great whites and see just how graceful, powerful and awe-inspiring they truly are.

But on top of getting to witness these iconic animals in their element, it was also amazing to see the passion and dedication that Andrew and the whole team have for shark conservation. Rodney’s remarkable shark legacy reminds me of my dad’s legacy for crocs – and it was wonderful to be around people who share a love and admiration for apex predators.”

Valerie Taylor – Shark conservationist and Film Maker:

“A luxury well-maintained dive tourist vessel with great food and wine, comfortable bunks, and excellent cages cleverly designed for easy photography. Other dive operators from around the world have followed Rodney and Andrew’s successful dive operation but none of them offer the drama and wild action of the Australian Great Whites. For the filming of the live shark footage for JAWS Ron contacted Andrew’s father Rodney to help arrange the expedition. Need I say more.”

Jayne Jenkins – Underwater Sydney’s lead underwater GPS photographer:

“If you want the “real deal” I cannot recommend Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions team enough.

For me and why I like experiencing Great White Sharks with this team is their knowledge of sharks, commitment to conservation, the flexibility of itineraries, and the number one reason – the ocean floor cage (the only one like it in the world). As a keen photographer, I like to witness the sharks in their natural environment not the jaw-thrashing “Kodak” moment. Getting this experience is a lifetime memory. And the best platform for underwater photographers, I have even run photo shootouts there in conjunction with Nikon. Also, during the trip, Andrew Fox presents a wonderful talk about Great White’s behaviour and his personal experiences and images plus an insight into the Rodney Fox Shark Foundation. They are committed to conservation and over the past 10 years or so have supported The Our World Underwater Scholarship Society hosting young marine ocean advocates for our future. You want the best – go with the best.

Matty Smith – Nikon Australia & Aquatica Digital Ambassador

If you want to see Great White Sharks then a comfortable, multi day trip with the friendly Fox crew is the only way to do it. Longer time at sea means more and better interactions, and the ocean floor cage? Well where else can you do that?!! Oh and the great food and laughs are endless!”

Jess Newell, Australia

“Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the incredible experience you made possible. What an absolute privilege and an unforgettable three days. Keep up the fantastic work making more dreams come true”

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Robert Irwin onboard the MV Rodney Fox with Terri Irwin and Mark Tozer

Mark with Terry and Robert Irwin