Business Code of Ethics

This Code applies to the businesses involved including any owners, directors, management and employees (collectively referred to as “the business”).

Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions:

  • Accepts a commitment to best practice ecological sustainability, natural area management, and the provision of quality ecotourism experiences;
  • Works through ecotourism to protect and preserve the natural and cultural heritage and Indigenous relationship to land;
  • Values the social, cultural and natural heritage diversity of Australia; Values cultural and natural integrity and authenticity in business;
  • Will eliminate any practice that is unacceptably damaging the environment, heritage or Indigenous culture and beliefs;
  • Will eliminate any practice that could be damaging to trade or consumers or to the dignity of the ecotourism industry;
  • Acknowledges its responsibilities in meeting the reasonable expectations of all customers to the best of its ability. Customers include any individual or business wishing to use or receive the goods or services of the business;
  • Is committed to complying with the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act.; Shall endeavour to treat all customers equally;
  • Reserves the right to change its goods and services to meet the expectations of its customers;
  • Is responsible for all of its advertising and promotional activities, which accurately reflect the activities of the business;
  • Will inform direct customers of all the terms and conditions of the contract including the terms of payment and any cancellation conditions. We will do this prior to or at the time of entering the transaction or purchase of our goods and/or services. This business will adhere to those terms and conditions;
  • Will ensure that all monies received from a customer are receipted and an authentic copy will be provided to the customer;
  • Will fairly and amicably deal with all reasonable customer concerns and queries. The decision of any mediator who may be employed will be final and binding;
  • Will present its goods and services in the best possible way;
  • Will exercise all reasonable care to address customers’ safety and comfort;
  • Will take all reasonable measures to ensure that all plant, equipment and products are in good working order. We will, under duty of care, list potential hazards and risks that exist within the business and implement methods to regularly assess and minimise them;
  • Will where possible inform customers of pertinent facts concerning other tours, transportation, accommodation or other tourist services available to our customers; and;
  • Will adhere to industry codes of practice where they apply.