Expeditions Crew Application

At Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions we are always on the lookout for good crew. Qualifications that are required for different roles include:

  • Unrestricted coxswains
  • min. divemaster qualification, active dive insurance
  • up to-date first aid certificate
  • manual drivers licence
  • experience in working on dive boats
  • Responsible service of alcohol certificate

If you are interested in working with us, please send a CV including two references, and complete the form below.

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    Have you worked with sharks and rays before?

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    Are you interested in participating on an expedition because of your work / studies?

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    Please provide details of important qualifications that you have

    Please provide info on additional skills that could be of advantage

    For example: Experience in working in remote areas, working with animals, photography skills, fieldwork experience

    Do you have any medical conditions?

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