Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions Awards

There have been many awards for Rodney Fox and Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions. Both have been recognised locally, nationally and Rodney even internationally for contributions to marine conservation and tourism. Rodney Fox has been inducted into the Diver’s Hall of Fame and was also a finalist in the prestigious Indianapolis Prize for his “Lifetime Contribution to Nature and Wildlife”.

We are very proud of our achievements.

SATIC Award for Outstanding Contribution by an Individual

In November 2012, Rodney won the prestigous “Outstanding Contribution by an Individual” award from the South Australian Tourism Industry Council. This award recognises Rodney’s achievements in tourism that range from the design of the first ever shark cage and underwater films to the first ever code of conduct for respectful interactions with great white sharks and the first ever tourists to view great white sharks underwater. This kicked off what is now a global industry, but thanks to Rodney, great white shark cage diving has it’s home here in South Australia with Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions.

International SCUBA Diving Hall of Fame

Rodney recevied this award in honour of his induction into the International SCUBA Diving Hall of Fame on January 25th 2007. The award was presented to Rodney in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Wyland Lifetime Acheivement Award

Rodney was awarded the Wyland Icon Award in 2007, recognising his Lifetime Acheivement in diving, conservation and film making.

The Wyland ICON Award, in conjunction with the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, recognizes the achievements of those who have made a positive difference for the underwater world.

Dive Australia Award

The Dive Australia Award was presented to Rodney in 1995 for his awareness of the great white shark and the marine environment in the International Film Industry.

Beneath the Sea Awards

Rodney received these three awards from Beneath The Sea in 2007. They include Diver of the Year and a Medal Of Excellence.

BTS is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to increasing awareness of the earth’s oceans and the sport of scuba diving.

Ripleys’ Museum

Rodney was proud to open the Ripley’s Museum in Peak Tower, Hong Kong in 1997. He received this award as a token of their appreciation.

The Museum features a wax figure of Rodney’s body and attack wounds.

Environment Award for Children’s Literature

The Wilderness Society presented Rodney with the Environment Award for Children’s Literature in 2002 for his book “Sharkman”.