Mark Tozer: Guardian of the Ocean and Advocate for the Land 

Come rain or shine, Mark Tozer embarks on his daily coastal stroll along the enchanting South Australian shorelines, immersing himself in the splendor of his aquatic sanctuary. His affinity for the ocean finds its roots in his childhood in Birkenhead, South Australia, where weekends were devoted to snorkeling with his father at Semaphore beaches, exploring seagrass beds, and marveling at the wonders of marine life.

Beyond his love for diving and the ocean, Mark dons various hats. As the owner/operator of a substantial commercial furniture factory in Lonsdale and an iconic retail furniture store in Mile End and the Northern Territory—employing over 80 Australians—he seamlessly intertwines business acumen with a profound commitment to community welfare.

In 2013, Mark established “Dive for Cancer,” a charitable initiative that transcends Australian borders, supporting the global fight against cancer through contributions to the Cancer Council. With a diving history dating back to 1987 and an impressive 5000+ logged dives, Mark holds diverse scuba diving and rebreather certifications, underscoring his unwavering dedication to underwater exploration.

Mark’s academic journey brought him to Charles Darwin University in 1991, where he delved into Building Design and Engineering before making the pivotal decision to relocate to the Northern Territory. His exploratory dives around Darwin Harbour fueled his passion for discovering WWII shipwrecks and relics from the aftermath of Cyclone Tracy in 1974.

Mark Tozer

Mark Tozer

Venturing beyond Australian waters, Mark explored exotic locations such as the Solomon Islands, Micronesia, Palau, and Santo, focusing on historical deep-water wrecks. Yet, his heart remains tethered to his favorite dive spots—Truk Lagoon and the SS President Coolidge.

Mark’s fascination with sharks, ignited by the USS Indianapolis story, burgeoned into a lifelong friendship with South Australian icon Rodney Fox. In collaboration with Rodney’s son Andrew, they co-own “Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions,” with a mission to foster shark appreciation through research and education.

In 2019, Mark’s dedication to ocean education materialised in the form of the “Rodney Fox Shark Museum and Learning Centre.” This passion project showcases vintage diving equipment, exhibits on sharks and sea creatures, and interactive displays designed to inspire ocean conservation.

Adding another accolade in 2022, Mark assumed the role of Director at “Sharks and Rays Australia (SARA),” an organisation committed to conservation through science and public outreach.

Now, with boundless enthusiasm, Mark embraces his new role of Treasurer on the Board of Landcare NT. Established in 2015, Landcare NT stands as the voice for community Landcare in the Northern Territory, tirelessly working to enhance the health of the natural environment and working landscapes.

Mark Tozer’s journey is a testament to his profound love for the ocean, unwavering commitment to conservation, and a fervent passion for education. As he assumes the role of Treasurer at Landcare NT, his dedication to environmental stewardship continues to send ripples across the waves