Expedition Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Dangerous Reef Pty Ltd trading as Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions (RFSE)

1. Payment Policy
a. A 30% deposit of the total cost is required to secure a position with us.
b. A 30% deposit will hold the reservation until 60 days prior to the expedition departure date when the balance is to be paid.
c. Full payment balance is due 60 days before the departure date.
d. We reserve the right to sell any position that is not paid in full by 50 days before the departure date.
e. A surcharge of 2% applies to payments by credit card or debit card using a credit card payment system.
f. For group bookings (5 people or more) date can be held for 10 working days upon which a retainer payment of 10% is required.
g. If the date retainer or the deposit is not paid within 30 days of the invoice date, the booking will be automatically cancelled and the positions put up for sale. For bookings made within 60 days of departure, payment is required within 5 business days.

h. National Park fees are a compulsory payment to the South Australian Government and are an additional cost payable to RFSE. If fees increase from the SA Government after booking, this increase will be passed on to customers.

h. Specific terms apply to group bookings and private charters – detail in 16. Group Bookings and Private Charters.

i. Any bank fees incurred by RFSE for international bank transfers will be on-charged.

j. Any bookings made using a credit voucher will be subject to normal terms and conditions including deposit payments if a balance is due.

2. Date Transfers
a. Deposit is fully transferable to any other allowable later date until 60 days before boarding; a $100 admin fee will apply.
b. No date transfer less than 60 days.

3. Passenger Transfer
a. A passenger’s name can be swapped up to 3 days in advance of the boarding date; a $100 admin fee will apply.

4. Refunds
a. No refund is made for any unused part of the itinerary, e.g. due to unforeseen mechanical breakdown of the vessel, medical reasons affecting yourself, other passengers or crew, adverse weather conditions or other maritime and fundamental safety considerations. Travel and Cancellation Insurance (including for Covid) must be purchased or accept liability and risk.
b. No refund is given for no or limited shark activity.

5. Cancellations
a. Greater than 90 days – $250 cancellation fee per person.
b. Less than 90 days, forfeit 30% of the trip fee per person.
c. Less than 60 days, forfeit 50% of the trip fee per person.
d. Less than 30 days, forfeit 100% of the trip fee per person.
e. If a cancellation is required then we will endeavour to sell the position/s and credit the amount received less $250 admin fee. Please note that there is no guarantee that the position/s will be sold.

6. Shark Activity
a. I (the passenger) fully understand that great white sharks are wild animals and their presence cannot be guaranteed.
b. I fully understand that there is no refund for no or limited shark activity.
c. In the unfortunate event of no shark sightings, we will offer that guests impacted can return with 50% of the paid value (what was paid) of their “no-show tour” and credited towards their next return adventure. This excludes National Park fees, hire gear and any credit card/international bank transfer fees. Credits for agent bookings will go back to the agent, less any commission.

7. Purchase Travel Insurance Or Accept Financial Risk
a. I (the passenger) understand unforeseen work, medical or airline problems may cause me to cancel a trip.
b. Compensation for trip cancellation or lost/damaged bags and/or equipment due to any reason must be claimed against travel insurance.
c. Weather problems may cause the itinerary to be changed or cancelled. No compensation is offered to change flights or holiday plans.
d. No refund is offered for time lost due to the medical evacuation of a passenger or crew, or reduction of dives due to bad weather.

e. In the event of a boat breakdown, alternative vessel/accommodation/activities may be provided to complete the tour.

f. We reserve the right to change vessels and services offered.

g. Travel Insurance must include cover for being positive for Covid and being a close contact.

8. Equipment Agreement
a. I (the passenger) agree to reimburse Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions for any of their camera or diving equipment lost or damaged whilst in my care.

9. Medical Statement
a. I (the passenger) state that I am in good health for diving.
b. I do not have asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, narcolepsy or a heart disorder.
c. I will not dive on your expedition if I am feeling unwell or I have a chest cold or respiratory congestion.
d. I understand if I have any medical condition contrary to these requirements I must produce a diving medical certificate completed by a diving medical specialist.

10. Medical Evacuation
a. RFSE strongly recommends dive insurance for any diving activity to cover any medical or transport arrangement in the case of a diving related or any other type of emergency.
b. I (the passenger) confirm that I do have the necessary dive insurance or alternatively I give my authorisation to RFSE to make medical and transport arrangements as may be determined in my best interest.
c. I agree to pay all expenses incurred on my behalf, which may be charged against my credit card or other arrangements, i.e. bank transfer.

11. Image Release
a. I (the passenger) authorise RFSE to use as they see fit any photographic, video or digital images taken on this expedition in which I appear or have supplied to RFSE.

12. Currency Exchange
a. I (the passenger) understand that all payments are made in Australian dollars and the final conversion to foreign currency will depend on the bank or credit card provider’s current exchange rate. The actual rate and total billing amount may vary.

13. Single Travellers / Cabin Occupancy
a. RFSE will look to cabin share same gender single travellers but this cannot be guaranteed unless sole occupancy is taken.
b. Single occupancy cabin is available at an additional approx. 70% of the fare.

14. Dive Qualification
a. Only qualified SCUBA divers will be permitted to dive in the Ocean Floor Cage.
b. Qualified SCUBA divers are required to show their dive certification, this must be presented before any diving commences.

15. Alcohol
a. RFSE operates a Ships Bar Only Policy. Alcohol is from the bar and at your own expense.
b. RFSE operates a strict no drinking then diving policy.

16. Group Bookings and Private Charters

a. Payment Policy.

i. A holding deposit of 10% is due when an invoice is issued for any trip that is more than 12 months away. If within 12 months then a 30% deposit applies.

ii. If the holding deposit is not paid within 30 days of the invoice being issued then RFSE reserves the right to cancel the booking.

iii. If payment schedules are not met commission payments may be forfeited.

iv. Payment for the entire group booking must be paid in full 60 days prior to departure.

v. Regardless of the composition of the group (SCUBA or surface diver/sole occupancy or twin share) the invoice price of a private charter is the set price for the expedition and the amount to be paid.

vi. Commission is shown on the invoice.

vii. Once the invoice has been raised and accepted the tour leader is liable for the total of the invoice regardless of the number of passengers in the charter.

viii. If a new invoice has to be raised an Admin fee of $100 will be applied.

ix. If a new vessel with an increase in capacity is in use between the booking date and tour date, RFSE reserve the right to sell the additional spaces.

b. Transfers.

i. Once the deposit has been paid no change of date is allowed within 6 months of the departure date.

ii. If outside of the 6 months the deposit can be transferred to another suitable date within 12 months or at the discretion of RFSE.

c. Cancellation.

i. Greater than 90 days will incur a 30% cancellation fee of the full charter cost.

ii. If a group cancels the entire trip in less than 90 days all deposits and payments will be forfeited.

iii. If a group has passengers that cancel then RFSE will endeavour to sell the position and credit the amount received less a 20% admin fee to the agent, however, the entire invoice is still due and payable by the tour leader.

d. FOC (Free of Charge)

i. The FOC is given with 8 full paying ocean floor diving passengers in any one group. If the total of the group changes to a total of 8 or less then the FOC will be released and put up for sale to the public with no payment or commission payable on that position.

ii. FOC is not entitled to our Rodney Fox Promise if there was no shark activity.

17. Covid-19

a. Guests unable to attend a tour due to Covid-19 restrictions must claim through their travel/cancellation insurance.

b. Guests experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms must not turn up to board the vessel

c. On the day of boarding, a pre-health check must be conducted which includes temperature being taken.

d. Any guest developing cold or flu-like symptoms must self-isolate in their cabin until medical attention is sought.

e. Credit vouchers are not permitted to be used on special hosted tour dates, over public or school holidays, and during the peak months of April, May, and June unless the original tour date was in this period or at management’s discretion.

f. Credit vouchers valued for 3 years from expedition booked(internationals) and 2 years (domestic) and are not refundable.

18. Discharge Of Liability

I (the passenger) understand that I must sign a liability indemnity form prior to undertaking any activities on the expedition.

19. Any vehicles left at the Rodney Fox Shed Compound in Port Lincoln are at the individuals’ risk and Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions will not be liable for any damage or theft.